Tom Brady’s boots

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been in the news recently for wearing a special boot while visiting his supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bundchen in New York City in the days off before the Super Bowl.

It wasn’t the gray protective boot that wagged the tongues of sportscasters and snapped the cameras of the papparazzi, but this pair of hooker boots he was sporting during a quick jaunt to the local Starbucks to pick up a latte. Brady told an autograph hound trailing him down the sidewalk that he planned, with the blessing of head coach Bill Billichick, on sporting the red footwear during Super Bowl XLII in Arizona.

10 responses to “Tom Brady’s boots

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  2. He can pull that look off actually….that is what is so scary!

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  4. They match his uniform! hehe

  5. Are we sure we’re not talking about Brady Quinn? He’s more the type to sport thigh-high hooker boots.

  6. Ron: No, No, No.
    Brady Quinn uses the hooker clipboard on the sideline.
    Tom Brady is the one in hooker boots. Styling.

  7. If he wore those actual boots out on the town with Gisele, he’d sure take people’s minds off Randy Moss’s lawsuit!

  8. I think he should wear them the next time he sits in a presidential speech as the guest of George W. Bush.

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