Pixel detective

Sometimes it’s just groovy cool to find out how far some people will go to be good Samaritans.

A woman found a camera in the backseat of a NY cab and her friend went to great lengths to get it back into the hands of the rightful owners. Using just the clues presented in the vacation pics on the camera, the detective work was lengthy in reuniting the owners with their lost item. Hurray for everyone involved.

2 responses to “Pixel detective

  1. Wow. That would never be my camera, I’d never ever get so lucky.

    On another note, Happy Belated Birthday to my most favorite Squirrel Queen I know.

    Also the only Squirrel Queen I know, but that’s beside the point, you’d still be my favorite.

  2. Newscoma lost a camera back in the summer and it was a huge bummer. That’s why I so appreciated how far these folks went to returning the one they found.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes.

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