Cloverfield fulfills

On a quick jaunt to Memphis this week to gather with some like-minded bloggers at Drinking Liberally on Thursday night, Newscoma and I got a chance to check out the first matinee of Cloverfield before heading back to Hooterville on Friday.

The commercials have been enticing me for months with their mystery monster and terror in the streets.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I liked the claustrophia of the handheld camera point of view and the fact they maintained it throughout. I heard a reviewer on NPR Friday say that he felt they should have just used it occasionally. I disagree. The whole conceit of the film necessitates that POV.

I loved that they never really reveal the source/home of the monster.

I’m glad they didn’t use big-name actors. It allowed me to just absorb their efforts without the distraction of a familiar face. The anonymity of the performers allowed you to put aside judgement of their individual performances until later outside the theater. Of course, when you are reflecting back on the flick, you do find a few plot holes, but that’s always the case with movies like this.

I loved the way they played Peekaboo with the monster initially to increase the tension, just giving viewers a flash here or there as it moved between buildings. I liked the way the movie reminded me of the hysteria and fear permeating the streets of NY after 9/11.

I’ve actually thought about going to see it a second time and I don’t ever do that. If you buy a ticket, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I think you will.


4 responses to “Cloverfield fulfills

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  2. I liked the way the movie reminded me of the hysteria and fear permeating the streets of NY after 9/11.

    You liked that? How could anyone like that? That’s the main reason I haven’t made plans to see this movie. One stroll down 9/11 lane in my lifetime was quite enough, thank you.

    I saw the extended trailer in the theatre a couple weeks ago, and the collapsing Empire State Bldg with requisite giant dust-cloud roll did it for me. No thanks!

    Almost like the filmmakers couldn’t wait to pull up archival film of the World Trade Centers to know just how to use special effects and recreate it, building by building.

  3. For me, the 9/11 reference added to the tension in the film. The setting is New York so there’s no getting around its history, old and recent. The terror event happened. There’s no going back. Any horror/drama/action flick set in that city that ignores that is doing itself an injustice.

  4. I like the big squirrel. Perr-fect!

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