Drawn out

So I’ve been away from the blog for a bit

Some PC issues, the holidays and a Wii have interfered. There was also one other thing that kept me from posting.

This site has held my attention of late. I’m still trying to draw a perfect circle.

Go if you dare, but you won’t soon leave.

7 responses to “Drawn out

  1. Well there goes Sunday afternoon…

  2. This thing is the coolest. Lot’s of concepts of statics and dynamics shown. There’s even a coefficient of dynamic friction!

    One thing I’d like to see added is ability to break thinner objects by dropping dense objects on them from high up. Maybe you can, but I haven’t been able to do it…yet.

  3. Ugh, everyone has a Wii but me!

  4. To Ceeelcee: I Know! I know!! It’s soothing to me, somehow.
    To Sadcox: I keep trying to balance things and then drop objects on top of them and flip them over. It’s the simple things in life that so distract me.
    To Ron: If it comforts you any, I don’t get to play it whenever I want. It’s the nieces and it’s on their TV. I really only play when they aren’t home and I am, which is a rare occurence.

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  6. Ah, the Wii distraction. Some days it’s all I can do to not ditch work and play Wii all day.

  7. oooooo…..shiny. I can see how you could get hooked on it, it’s like tetris

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