Bill Walker, Urine trouble or Sweet Relief?

While most in the sports world are buzzing about the BCS mess and Eli Manning’s interceptions, the Squirrel Queen has found a mind-boggling effort on the court during a college basketball game.

It seems, with time winding down in a recent game between Kansas State and Oregon, Wildcat player Bill Walker was hit with a sudden urge in his team’s 80-77 overtime loss. It wasn’t a give-and-go play, but he certainly had to go. Walker raced over to the sideline, grabbed a towel and did his best The Wiz impersonation. Walker certainly puts the P in Power Forward.

Too much Gatorade.

“Is it in you?” No, it’s in the towels.

Pity the poor equipment manager who was forced to do clean-up and laundry duty after this game.

Another Ewww story this weekend. Sorry folks, but the Squirrel Queen is compelled to let the world know what is going on.


3 responses to “Bill Walker, Urine trouble or Sweet Relief?

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  2. Um, well, yes. I am rendered speechless.

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