The Aristocrats

“… The Aristocrats!”

Not only is it the punchline to one of the raunchiest jokes on the planet (if you haven’t seen the documentary about different comedians’ versions of the bit, I highly recommend it), it’s also one of the the nastiest bars on the planet.

While perusing Fark the other day, I ran across a stomach-churning tidbit that I had to share.

It seems patrons of a bar in West Virginia have been complaining about a horrid odor in their drinking establishment. After investigation, it was discovered the offending aroma is the result of open, seeping leg wounds on the bar owner. The body fluids stain the floor behind the bar and foul the air, but don’t merit a closure of the establishment by the health department. Hmmmm. Oh, and Ewwww.

Here’s the full story on the foul fluids.


7 responses to “The Aristocrats

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  2. Oi. Very little makes me shudder, but this certainly did.

  3. Tis a more literate person than I who could find a Chaucer reference in the midst of that dreck.

  4. It’ s in Huntington, WVA — not NJ…

  5. oops.
    My bad. I guess when I think of stinky icky fluids, New Jersey just comes to mind.

  6. Ew. That is nasteeeeee.

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