World domination soon to follow

My plan for world domination is under way. My legion has been busy recently.

If you didn’t surf over to Yahoo this morning, you might have missed the little tidbit I’ve posted above in screen cap form.

From covert operations under cover as orangutans in Florida to creating power outages in the Midwest, the bushy tailed ones are wreaking havoc.

First Florida, then the Midwest.

Soon — The WORLD!!!!

(However, I am a little disturbed about the squirrels as food in Jersey headline!?!)


4 responses to “World domination soon to follow

  1. What did Newscoma put in that chili? Suddenly, the Squirrl Queen is all “We will rule the world!” boohoohahahahaha!

    I like it! 🙂

  2. One of my friends from high school always used to refer to the squirrels who lived in her computer (i.e., the little creatures who made it run). Were they of your minions as well? Did you really invent the internet?!

  3. Ginger: I’ve been laying low working out a nefarious plan. While every other person on the planet is running for president in 08, I’ve actually been trying to do something about what’s going on.

    Holly: No, I must give credit where credit is due. I did not invent the Intertubes. It was Al Gore. But, maybe a little squirrel, eerrr I mean birdie, did whisper something into his ear.
    About that computer squirrel, those are actually hamsters doing all the manual labor inside PCs and Macs. We squirrels are well above treadmill behavior.

  4. I need to recruit them for the triad of Doom

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