Entering a “Darkplace”

I made a discovery yesterday that I want to share.

Everyone needs to pay a visit to Garth Marenghi’s DARKPLACE. Here’s a link to the episodes.

This UK spoof combines the horror genre and soap operas set in hospitals all done with the worst possible production values and talent. Brilliant! It also throws in a substantial dash of explosions, gunfire and action of the variety viewers who loved the original Starksy and Hutch will appreciate.

Viewers with more eclectic tastes will recognize an homage to Lars von Triers “Kingdom”, the UK TV show set in a gloomy, spooky hospital. Stephen King worked an American version of von Triers’ show for television called “Kingdom Hospital”.

I found DARKPLACE online and then I found out the SciFi network started airing it as of Friday night.

It’s a must see for those who have laughed their way through horrible horror movies for years. This one takes the bloody cake. Parody at its finest.

Here’s a snippet of the amazing stilted dialogue from the script of Episode 1.

(Cuts back to hospital. Liz walks up to, and leans on the reception desk, where The Extra is working) Liz
Hi, I’ve come to apply for the doctor’s job. I can assure you my credentials are top-notch, I’ve just graduated from Harvard College Yale. I aced every semester, and I got an ‘A’.
The Extra
(Woodenly) Well that sounds excellent. Our last doctor only just recently died in horrific circumstances. Can you start immediately?
Sure, do I have time to go to the toilet?
The Extra
Not really, I’ve already paged Dr. Sanchez who should be here any minute now.

 Dun, dun, dun – The dramatic prairie dog would be working overtime watching these episodes.

For more, go check out this fan site from the UK.

Take this bit of Garth Marenghi wisdom with you as you begin your voyage to … DARKPLACE.

Garth Merenghi: I have never exploded. But, I know what it would be like. Don’t ask me how, I just know. I’ve always, just known.

4 responses to “Entering a “Darkplace”

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  2. that is…really disturbing. thanks for the tip!

  3. I love this.
    Just love it!!!

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