digging up more than nuts

Archaeology has twice been the topic of conversation for the Squirrel Queen this week.  Did you know that NASA has an archaeologist on staff? Yup, they do. Archaeologists were also recently aided by a squirrel. We do work for good, not evil. Keep that in mind.

Earlier in the week, Newscoma pointed out a tidbit about one of my legion uncovering some ancient works. She found the link at Russ McBee’s blog. He’s got some interesting reads on a variety of topics. Actually very few of them are related to squirrels. But I do agree with much of his politics.

Then the other night I was watching Nova on PBS and they did a piece on an archaeologist getting lost in the jungle and stumbling upon some “new” Mayan ruins. The same guy also worked with the NASA archaeologist to find several more new sites. The NASA guy studies maps created from satelite images looking for anomolies that might lead to new discoveries. His eagle eye  noted some differences in shots that upon treks through the jungles revealed more Mayan ruins. It seems the huge amount of limestone used by the Mayans as building blocks for their pyramids and structures leaches into the soil and causes those areas to appear differently on the maps.

Interesting stuff. I love a good tale about digging up some history. Who’s ready for the next Indiana Jones movie? Me, that’s who. Ok. I know that’s all fiction, but they’re darned good yarns.

2 responses to “digging up more than nuts

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  2. How it is that you’ve not posted about this yet, I’ll never know 🙂


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