Daily Archives: July 17, 2007

Bloggedy Blog Blogging

I’m remiss in not doing this sooner, but I had to have time to absorb all my conversations during this whirlwind weekend trip to Nashvegas.

The beauty of the jaunt was that I managed to squeeze in time with “old” friends while getting quality conversational minutes with some “new” friends.

From our first stop at the Flying Saucer for some hops and barley beverages and cheese, the blog encounters began. Newscoma and I started by sending fab photographer Chris Wage a note at the bar. From that point on, the bloggers started rolling in to the Saucer. Hutchmo brought his sage wisdom to the bar. All the Divas – the Sista, Ivy and Ginger – were on hand. Jagalicious and hubby Dave were a real treat. From the beauty of a Chicago brat and Salvator to drill instructors to Scrubs, The Office and All in the Family. It was all discussed.

I got my first introduction to a few bloggers who most everyone else has already had the pleasure of visiting with. I think in their honor, we should start a few new fads.

First off in honor of Klinde and the German, we’ll start a new dance craze, the Klinde Hop.

And if L. Ron Hubbard can create his own religion, how about the church of El Ron Hollywood. Sports, zombies and beer – the religious triple threat.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do much more than spy lcreekmo and her handsome young “date” at the end of the table, but maybe the next time we can share more conversation.

Later, I spent some brief, but always enjoyable, visits with La Lesley, Aunt B, Mack, Smiley and his lovely lady, Chez Bez and his partner in crime, Jackson, KateO and the fab Karsten (I really was just peeking at the illustrations. How can you beat Nancy Drew and barber shop offerings one row above devout etchings?).

A grand time was had by all, despite the Sweaty Betty beer, bleh. Not every new brew adventure turns out to be a good choice. Sorry about the “bacon” flavor Aunt B.

And many thanks to Ivy and Mr. Ivy for allowing us to crash at their abode.