11 or 77 – Happy Birthday


My dog Kirby is having her birthday today. We’re celebrating 11 years together as of June 14, 2006.

She is a miniature schnauzer. We got her from my mom, whose schnauzers had a litter. We got the pick of the litter. We liked them all and couldn’t choose which one. So we opted to take home the first one out of gate. That pack leading canine was Eve Kirby Puckett. Her name is a combination of the name from a drag queen (Eve Kirby) and a baseball player (Kirby Puckett).

Our first night together, we celebrated with pizza. Kirby leapt from the couch onto the middle of the pizza which was setting on the coffee table. She still likes pizza.

She’s a mouthy dog who will bitch at you with some yaaarrrrs and hhaaawwwrrs if she wants to go out and you aren’t acting quickly enough. We had Newscoma’s niece convinced she could talk when they were both younger.

She hates the mailman and barks at him every day, even though he just walks on the porch and never bothers anything before he leaves. At our other house, Kirby knew the sound of the postman’s little jeep. Unfortunately, he parked in front of our house and walked the entire length of our street before returning to our lawn and cranking up his chariot again. This meant Kirby barked the entire time he was in the neighborhood, six days a week. She’s a bit protective of her territory.

She hates it when we sneeze. She can be snuggled up on your lap or just curled up on the end of the couch asleep, but if you sneeze, she’ll immediately get up and leave the room, looking over her shoulder at you with disdain. If we want to distract her or get her attention, we fake a sneeze.

She loves baths and showers. At one place where we lived that had a shower curtain instead of a shower door, every two or three months or so, she would jump in the bathtub with me and stand at the back end of the tub just outside of the direct spray but in the splatter and mist.

She’s been losing her eyesight due to cataracs the last few years, but she had an accident last summer that literally cost her one of her eyes. Now she is pretty much blind. She can see light and dark. I’m guessing that’s about it. She will walk into door frames and she is the thing that goes bump in the night. We plugged in a new nightlight recently and for about a week, every night as we made a trek to the backyard for a sabbatical, she would wander toward the small glow  instead of the door.

She nearly died last October. She had to have an emergency hysterectomy, just like Newscoma. We thought she was a goner, but she pulled through and has acted like a spring chicken since her surgery. We didn’t realize how sick she’d been the months leading up to her medical emergency.

That’s our Kirby. She’s bitchy, but we love her.

Happy Birthday to you!


5 responses to “11 or 77 – Happy Birthday

  1. The supposedly best doggie eye doctor in the country is here in Nashville. We’ve had our cocker over there a couple of times. I don’t have his name handy, but if you’re interested, I’ll get that and a phone number for you when Roomie gets back in town in a couple of days.

  2. Kirby sounds like quite the character! Happy Birthday to her!

  3. It was awesome to meet you this weekend! You are fabulous and great fun.

    Oh, I saw this and HAD to send to you…


  4. I lost my dog about a year ago this August, and I miss him every day. Treasure all these little idiosyncracies, because you’ll miss them when they’re gone.

    /sad ron

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