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Live Aid to Live Earth

So I’ve been sitting on my rump all day watching Live Earth, and enjoying it for the most part, but I can’t help but reflect back to watching Live Aid nearly 22 years ago.

As I recall that day, I was nursing the second gigantic hangover of my adult life. I wallowed around in bed all day watching everybody from Sting to Adam Ant to Madonna to the Pretenders to the Thompson Twins to Queen to Phil Collins on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. I mostly watched with one eye and one ear buried in a pillow with the volume turned waaaayyy down low.

Now let’s look at the cast of today’s Live Earth. It’s not all that different from the original big show.

Phil Collins – check (though this time he is back with the Genesis gang)

Sting – check (though this time he’s hanging out with those other Police dudes)

Madonna – check (though she has a lot more muscles now)

Today, I’ve really enjoyed K.T. Tunstall, Alicia Keys, Kanye West. I like alot of the Fall Out Boys’ stuff, but I didn’t enjoy hearing it performed live. It’s always a pleasure to watch Shakira dance. I’m bummed I missed Spinal Tap and the tiny Stonehenge. The Beasty Boys can still tear it up. John Mayer bored me, but I usually like him in small doses on the radio. It was pretty cool to see Melissa Etheridge make her points. I really, really loved the percussion when the Soweto Gospel Choir performed. (I dig the drums). I’m also sorry I missed Crowded House. Smashing Pumpkins isn’t usually my thing, but I’m enjoying them. Ludacris makes me smile.

I can’t wait until the Police take the stage. Yippeeeeee!

I’m checking out for a while. I’ve got to go unplug my cell phone charger and peek into my recycle bin.

It ain’t easy being Green.

squirrel self-portrait

squirrel artist

If you’ve seen these guys already, good for you. If not take a gander at this art on the fly.

And I know for a fact you haven’t seen the masterpiece at the top of this post because I just “painted” it this morning.

This is Dan Dunn and his Paintjam work. On the Paintjam site scroll down for several videos. He had a featured video on Yahoo’s homepage on the 4th of July. This is a different one.

Here’s another artist, Phil Hansen, whose art is available on youtube and at his philinthecircle.com Much of his work is political in nature, but not all of it. It’s all thought provoking and some of it is just fun. Like the bit below.

(hat tip to freezertroll for the Bruce Lee bit)