Daily Archives: July 2, 2007

Sour power

I don’t understand the allure of sour candy. I know it’s all the rage with anyone under the age of 25, but I just don’t get it.

The closest I’ve ever come to indulging my “sour” tooth was a summer binge on lemon drops when I was 8. That’s it. Not a life-long addiction to citric acid. And in all honesty, that probably lasted about 3 weeks instead of all summer. Time gets distorted in our memory banks.

These days  nearly every new candy introduced is of the painfully sour variety. Sour Patch Kids, etc. Whatever happened to candy being sweet? In this day and age, youtube is filled with page after page of video of kids challenging each other to eat torturous wads of the oral bombs.

There are even several videos of the kids (mostly teenagers) snorting the sour powder residue that’s left in the bag when the candy pieces have all been eaten.

What may be even weirder is the ad campaign for Sour Skittles. There’s one commercial they play during Adult Swim late at night on the Cartoon Network that just gives me the wiggums. In the one called “Stable”, a cranky old guy is getting milked as he eats the tongue-tormenting tidbits. Yes, I typed “milked”. The candy is ruining the milk he produces, causing it to be sour, yet he won’t relent from partaking of them.

I will admit I like the commercial for regular Skittles called “Trade” that includes the singing bunny. Brilliant. The bunny song always makes my dog Mabel’s ears perk up. And if you’ve seen her ears, that’s a feat in itself.