Squirrel De Milo

So I’ve been thinking about not having arms since I did the meme the other day.

Would Dick Tracy, Barney Miller or Grissom be able to nab an armless criminal?

The CSI squad could be in trouble. Fingerprints would not be an evidence option in checking out a crime scene.

Something to ponder.

5 responses to “Squirrel De Milo

  1. I say this a lot.
    You ain’t right.

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  3. There’s ALWAYS the hair…..

    it’s hard to type with no hands, though…

    did y’all have THAT much fun down here?


  4. Oh, we had a very large time.
    It was great to meet all of you and we’re already looking forward to our next journey south.
    It was definitely our pleasure.

  5. LWC,
    Now you’ve got me thinking again. Someone with alopecia would be in the same category as armless. They would be hairless.

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