What’s your sign?

So you’ve been wondering what’s going to happen next week. Pondering your future. Mulling over the coming days and the unforeseen events.

Worry no longer!

The Squirrel Queen provides a forecast, a peek into the future.


Cancer — The Crab will feel the heat on Friday, but at least it will be a dry heat. Remember an old friend on Sunday; they might be in need. The brine gets deep when you get in a pickle on Tuesday.
Leo — Keep tissues nearby on Saturday; emotions break through the dam and flood the Lion’s heart and mind. Your competitive nature tries to take over on Monday, but this time it would be wiser to let someone else win. For luck on Wednesday, only park your vehicle facing North.
Virgo — On Saturday, spurn nostalgia; the future where you’re headed appears bright. Things heat up on Monday, but the forecast calls for a cold shower. A household task turns into a disaster on Wednesday; keep the Yellow Pages handy.
Libra — For luck on Friday, dig deep into your closet and wear your rarely-used raincoat wherever you go. Keep a song in your heart because you’ll have murder on your mind on Monday. The planets will align for a new beginning on Wednesday.
Scorpio — You’ll feel like Chicken Little predicting the sky is falling on Saturday; try to keep a positive attitude. An unexpected trip leads to a great reward on Monday. For monetary luck on Tuesday, wear only shades of green.
Sagittarius — Though you’ll feel like you’ve traversed the Sahara, the rainbow you spy won’t be a mirage on Friday. You’ll have to make a life-altering decision on Sunday; listen to both your heart and your sense of reason. Splurge and treat yourself to something extra special on Tuesday.
Capricorn — Put aside your fears and plunge into the emotional deep end on Saturday. You’ll be asked to do something that challenges you on Monday; you can succeed. Play along but don’t make promises on Wednesday.
Aquarius — Your romantic dry spell comes to an end on Friday. For luck on Sunday, carry an open umbrella with you wherever you go.  Don’t bank on others coming through for you on Tuesday.
Pisces — Your words carry great weight on Saturday; weigh them well before offering them to others. You’ll have a better chance of spotting cumulus clouds than meeting a goal on Monday. A crying toddler puts a damper on your day Wednesday.
Aries — You’ll find yourself dancing the dance to advance on Friday; try the watusi instead of the monkey for better results. A blank stare doesn’t mean the wheels aren’t turning on Sunday. For luck on Wednesday, lick all envelopes from left to right.
Taurus — Don’t get sucked into the boob tube on Saturday; spend time with loved ones. Monday, the grass is greener on the other side proving it’s time to water your lawn. Silence is better than providing a wrong answer on Wednesday.
Gemini — Friday night, don’t hang your hopes on a shooting star. Work is what’s needed. Signs indicate your old path will be treacherous; head in a new direction on Monday. Wednesday, all will be well for those who walk backwards everywhere they go.




6 responses to “What’s your sign?

  1. I should probably be ok on Wednesday as I don’t do household tasks

  2. Actually that was me that left the comment, oops

  3. “Your words carry great weight on Saturday; weigh them well before offering them to others.”

    Oh grand, my guest blogging stint at NIT is obviously going to crash & burn now… {{cry}} 😉

  4. Pingback: Nashville is Talking » I Ain’t Heavy, I’m Your Guest Blogger

  5. Okay, are you going to come clean up after my disasterous household task on Wednesday? Because my parents are coming for the first time on Saturday. I’m getting nervous. 🙂

  6. To Lynnster, no need for tears. I see a productive weekend ahead for you.

    To Rachel, to avoid a disaster on Wednesday, try doing those tasks on Tuesday. Ha

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