Land of Nod


OK, Newscoma is a virtual peeping tom, trying to peer into my bedroom to find out six things the Squirrel Queen does before closing her eyes and visiting the Land of Nod.

Here goes:

1. count the acorns I’ve got tucked away under the sofa. I’m always looking ahead to the cold winter months.

2. poke head outside nest to make sure nocturnal predatory owl isn’t cruising the treetops in my neighborhood.

3. use hairbrush to give bushy squirrel tail 100 strokes to ensure it maintains its glorious luster.

4. shoo lightning bugs away from nest to make things nice and dark. 

5. turn television to the Animal Planet to check out latest gossip about my neighbors

6. turn over on my right side and study the inside of my eyelids until the sun comes up.

It seems like within the past week, I’ve posted more and more of the intimate details of my life than ever before. Pretty soon there will be a special on the E! network about my life taken from all the stuff I’ve posted recently.

If anyone else wants to take up this meme, feel free to bare your night time rituals with the world.


2 responses to “Land of Nod

  1. How did you get a television in your nest?

  2. The same way I got a sofa in there.
    I hired movers.

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