8 is enough?

Scout, in a game of tag, has swatted the Squirrel Queen and given me the mandate to come up with eight random factoids about myself so as to enlighten you few but cherished readers. I know I’ve just recently unleashed my autobiography on the unsuspecting innertubes, so now I must come up with a few more tidbits to keep ya coming back for more.

Here we go.

1. I can juggle. Learned this useful skill in college. It endlessly amuses small children. The toughest thing to juggle is a banana. Of course, I’ll admit I’ve never tossed a chainsaw over my head and tried to catch it. For those of you aspiring to take up the art, here’s a video for you.

2. My first car was a bitchin Camaro. It was a 1978 yellow Z-28. I drove it for years and even chauffered Newscoma around in it during our younger days. Here’s a tribute to my former means of conveyence by the Dead Milkmen.

3. The only times I’ve ever spent the night in the hospital (other than my birth) were for bouts of appendicitis. I spent one night the summer before my freshman year in high school, but the symptoms abated and the doctors released me. Later that fall, my appendix ruptured before it was removed.

It was the most pain I’ve ever endured. Granted, I’ve never given birth to a child, so I can’t compare it to that, but it definitely wasn’t fun. I had to spend nearly a full week in the hospital.

4. I have never ever wanted to have children. Nope. Not even when I was a wee whippersnapper of a lass. There’s not a maternal bone in my body.

5. I am jealous of people who can write fiction. To be able to pull a story and characters out of thin air like a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat is, to me, truly amazing.

6. As a kid, I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I couldn’t pin down anything I wanted to do at least five days a week for my entire adult life. I’ve had two careers that some people aspire to, but I just happened into both jobs. The fates smiled upon me, or maybe they cursed me. I haven’t decided yet.

7. I always notice a person’s shoes when I meet them. They don’t have to be expensive or name-brand, but they should have a little personality. The more scuffed and abused they look, the more it tells me that person has fallen in love with their kicks. It doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t afford a new pair; they’re just dedicated to the one they love. I used to have a pair of red oxfords that I just wore out. I think if you love a pair of shoes, you wear them until they fall apart and then you debate whether to throw them out or keep them for posterity.

8. I hate to ask for favors or help. It always makes me feel less than capable. I don’t like to appear as if I can’t get things done or I don’t know what I am doing.

That’s a bit about me. If you feel up to sharing a few embarassing bits about yourself, feel free to post them.


2 responses to “8 is enough?

  1. For years I’ve asked if your bright yellow car was a rally sport and I know that infuriates you.
    Soooo, was that car a rally sport?

  2. I dated a guy who had a baby poop-colored Z. You’re sooooo interesting!

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