Squirrels gone wild

I’ve had some queries about how one of my legion has been misbehaving a bit in recent days. I’d prefer to think of the two potential reasons offerred for his spree, the little bugger was trying to quell some strong urges. What with all the squirrel persecution of late, it’s tougher to find a date out in the wild world. Persistent, wasn’t he.

That or it was related to seismic activity. I find I’m always a bit on edge when my tectonic plates are rubbing together willy nilly.

I’ll play a tune of TAPS on my kazoo and tip my 40 on the turf later to memorialize him.


2 responses to “Squirrels gone wild

  1. That looks like Duff.

  2. That squirrel is truly frightening. I want one!

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