Kick it over Mary Lou

My friend Smiley tells a hysterical story about two impressionable young lads learning the ways of amore via a risque video entitled **** Intruders 2.

Smiley goes on to envision the first time one of the young men tries to ply his new knowledge with a young lass. Smiley finishes his “tail” with the phrase “Kick it over Mary Lou” bringing gales of laughter from all those within listening range.

He’s a great storyteller and a great guy who had a birthday the other day.

To honor his big day (I know I’m a bit late, but that’s par for the course) here’s a tribute to just one of his many stories I love to hear.

Hope you had a happy one Smiley.


2 responses to “Kick it over Mary Lou

  1. I’m honored!

    I’ll have to get around to blogging that story one day, but it’s so much more fun to tell to people one at a time.

  2. That’s hysterical!

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