Green ducks for Easter

Back in ye olden days before Peeps became popular as a microwave jousting product, the Squirrel Queen got a lovely Easter basket every spring. And sometimes she would get a chick or a duck dyed a groovy shade of pink, purple or green which would eventually end up with the chickens producing eggs in my grandma’s backyard. She’d also get lots of rock-hard, marshmallow-filled (I think), candy-coated Easter eggs that had the same general flavor as cardboard or the green grass in the bottom of the basket. Peeps were also included in the gaily colored basket but were not a favorite of the SQ. Jelly beans made an annual appearance but didn’t hang around long because Mom so loved them and bought them in abundance for herself SQ later figured out.

There was also a chocolate bunny, most years of the hollow variety with granite-hard, blue sugar dots for eyes. They weren’t white chocolate or dark chocolate or filled with Skittles or Reese’s peanut butter filling. They were milk chocolate, and by golly I loved every single ounce of it that melted in my hands.

We dyed our own eggs. The smell of vinegar permeating the house for hours later. If you were lucky you had one of those wax pens that allowed you to scribble a “design” or a name onto the egg.

Then we hid them time and time again until they had clanked against each other so frequently in the basket that they were crisscrossed with a web of cracks in the shells and manhandled so many times they were barely fit any more for human consumption, aka future egg salad or deviled eggs.

Now, we’ve got delectable Cadbury eggs and candy, oh sweet candy, of so many tasty varieties. Temptation is boundless. How about this concoction … an Easter turducken.

I don’t know if I’ll go to the lengths of actually putting one together, but it looks like good, messy, finger-licking holiday fun.


One response to “Green ducks for Easter

  1. I love this picture.
    I wish I felt good enough to bite the ears off of a chocolate bunny.

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