Squirrels use spell check

So, I was watching the episode of “The Office” that aired Thursday night (April 5, 2007) from the DVR on Friday morning. Funny as always. Dwight Schrute rules the world, at least in his mind.

So, I’m flipping through the commercials of this extra-long special episode when something flashes briefly across the screen before the next commercial is sent packing via my fast forward button.  It caught my eye. Looked out of place. Didn’t seem right. Not copacetic.

So I hit the rewind button and reversed my previous path through the commercials.

What did I spy? In a promo for the show “30 Rock” there was a huge typo. The promo popped up phrases describing  the main character – Liz Lemon. Among the phrases, and the one that captured my attention, was “Romatically Challenged”. Yup, not “Romantically Challenged” but “Romatically.” This isn’t local access TV we’re talking about promoting a talk fest filled with citizens yaking about knitting or the latest addition to the library’s shelves. This is a major freaking network – NBC – The Peacock.

They can’t afford to use spell check or pay someone who can spell.

What’s up with that?

If you go to the NBC Web site and click on the show’s page, you can watch a longer version of the promo that has it  correctly spelled.

However, if you Tivo’d “The Office” this week, forward to the commercial break in the show that runs with about 17 minutes left in the episode and you’ll see a major gaffe that probably cost somebody one giant chunk out of a butt cheek.


2 responses to “Squirrels use spell check

  1. lol…that kind of stuff drives me crazy! I think that means we’re really anal… heh

  2. Absolutely crazy.
    Things like that capture my attention.
    Details, details, details.
    That’s where the Devil is, right?

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