Romping past the Red Foxes

With their easy, defensive-oriented win over the Red Foxes of Marist, the Lady Vols march deeper into the madness.

You always hate to see a Cinderella bow out, but at least they didn’t advance at the expense of Tennessee.

How much further will Pat’s Lady Vols go? Hopefully to the pinnacle, but there’s never a guarantee of that. They’ve disappointed at this level in recent seasons.

Let’s hope they break the pattern and climb back on top.


4 responses to “Romping past the Red Foxes

  1. Good lord that is a funny picture. You are awesome. 🙂

  2. AMEN, racknine!
    Thank God Duke’s out. Now, to just get rid of Auriemma…..and Latta…..and Sylvia Fowles.

  3. They romped on and on to the championship didn’t those girls? That little bobbitt made me proud to be a short gal!!

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