Diamond debut

Yahoo!! Spring training has put an extra spring in my step.

It’s official for me now, baseball is here. I got to see the bottom of the 10th inning of the Braves/Bucs game yesterday.It was my first baseball other than the highlights of the Sportscenter variety.

I’ve been reading up some on all the spring training doings, but there’s sure nothing like watching it for yourself.

Most people consider live baseball boring, but for me the fact that there is no game clock and the diamond game has its own pace are the best parts of it. Clocks create crescendos at the end of every quarter or half. With baseball, a half inning can take forever or be over in 3 pitches. You never know when a team will bat around and pummel a pitcher or the man on the mound takes control and dominates. I’ll admit, I do like to watch pitchers who work faster than those who have to rub up the ball before every pitch or shake off a half dozen signs before throwing a fastball. But even that can ramp up the anticipation.

 Baseball lets you fall into it, you get absorbed into the rhythm of pitcher to catcher.

I’ve been antsy for the season for weeks now to get into a baseball groove.
And there’s nothing like listening to a game on the radio, driving with the windows down as you travel through the night.

I love it. And I’ll be in heaven all the way into October.


7 responses to “Diamond debut

  1. Yay, baseball!!!!
    We’ve got a title to defend!

  2. I like your enthusiasm. I have a baseball message board for this season and would love for you to contribute. Check it out at http://www.activeboard.com/forum.spark?forumID=106169 . It’s really easy to make an account, and we’ve already got some good topics started. Hope to see you there.

  3. That squirrel is so big he could be his own baseball team…!

  4. The Squirrel is the size of McGwire before we knew he was on’roids.

  5. It’s the Squirrel version of the Big Unit

  6. P.S. You, my Photoshop enamored friend, need to head over to Mack’s straightaway:


  7. I fully recognize the futility of my Cubllegience and the power of the might Cardinals and the Blogger fans I’m up against.

    I say, bring it on and let’s enjoy the parlay.

    Oh, and drink some beer and watch some games together!

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