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Possibly the ugliest teen of the 70s

Flashing back to somebody from earlier in the show that I meant to touch on – Jackie Earle Haley.

I was curious what he’d been up to since I last saw him take his cuts in the batter’s box with Walter Matthau and Jody Foster as costars. I checked him out on 

In between The Bad News Bears and his Oscar nominated turn in Little Children, Jackie  kept himself fed, if not busy, with work on such TV stalwarts as MacGyver, Love Boat and Murder She Wrote during the 1980s.

The 1990s were a bit sparse … an exception was a role in Maniac Cop 3.

Who knew.


My heart won’t go on

Moments after listening to the beautiful mood setting music – dramatic, romantic, eery – played as a tribute to the works of Ennio Morricone, my personal Oscar bash suddenly came to a grinding halt as Celine Dion strode across the stage and my pulse slowed to a dull thud.

Must the show go on?

 If you’re going to startle us with the creepy Canadien’s presence can I keep up this ongoing blogfest without turning it into a screed railing against Dion and her Titanicly-proportioned schmaltz?

I don’t know if I can go on?

powerful performance

We’ve seen Melissa Etheridge singing her song from Inconvenient Truth at the Oscars, but will we ever be able to forget her powerful live performance from a couple of years ago as she was battling cancer.

I don’t think we will. Ever.

Weather Channel update

No, this isn’t the SnowBird giving you updates on school closings.

And, no,  since he’s not making plans for 2008, Al Gore hasn’t taken a gig with the Weather Channel giving updates.

 But this did happen. Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” earns the Best Documentary award.

30 second rides

Everybody always raves about and anticipates the commercials during the Super Bowl but I think the ads that run during the Oscar awards can be just as funny, powerful, clever, moving.

The J.C. Penney ads have been eye-catching. Maybe it’s been the music beds they’ve used and the caretaking elephant also  was pretty good.

Asps on a 747

What would movie chitchat for 2006 be without mentioning Mother-fracking Snakes on a Plane? Internet sensation and box office dud

Ahh, can you say Ishtar?

Shadow dancers again doing some cool stuff

Going global

Another cool montage. This one of foreign language films.

Newscoma and I dig Fellini and Kurosawa flicks. Everytime Toshiro Mifune or something from Tin Drum or La Strada popped on the screen, we oooohhed and aaahhhed.