Oscar Party

Oscar night

It’s Oscar night at our hacienda and I’m in Hollywood heaven. Newscoma and I always settle in and critique the gowns, the music, the presenters and of course the host, which tonight is Ellen.

Nicole Kidman’s red gown is already causing some tongues to wag. Or maybe that was just Nicole causing that reaction. hhhmmmm

Normally we sip some bubbly, but we’ve been too busy with basketball to stop at the liquor shoppe and purchase a magnum, so I’m improvising with a vodka drink (as Chumbawumba sang a few years ago.)

Honestly, I’ve been remiss in viewing the bulk of the nominated reels, but I’m still anxious about tonight. For the past 11 years, I’ve made my own predictions, but this year I’ll let Entertainment Weekly set the odds for you.


2 responses to “Oscar Party

  1. Brilliant!

    If I’d known you were doing this, I’d have saved myself the 4 hours of watching. Thank god for the TiVo fast forward.


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