Ellen be gellin’

The Oscars are over. Ellen turned in a worthy performance. It wasn’t necessarily a home run, but I’ll give her a solid double off the fence in the gap.

Compared to some of the manic efforts by Billy Crystal, it was much more restrained, but several of the bits (the script to Scorsese, the photo op with Eastwood with Spielberg taking the snaps) brought the laughs.

I don’t remember any horrific Red Carpet moments or fashion miscues. On the other hand, none of the dresses were over the top spectacular either. The fashion was way on the quiet side. Star Magazine will have a lot less to work with than some years (Bjork anyone?).

And I definitely didn’t miss the Debbie Allen dancers and their Fame rehashes. I’m all for inviting the shadow dancers back again next year.

 This year will probably be most remembered for Marty winning his first Oscar rather than some sidebar thing like Jack Palance doing push-ups.

 I’m okay with that.

The show’s over so I guess we’ll just have to head back to the movies and get ready for next year.

Buttered popcorn and Goobers anyone?


5 responses to “Ellen be gellin’

  1. hello ellen im hanna from sweden i yust wont i love you so mutch and i alwas look your show im not good in read in inglish sorry but thet.my dream in some day i can come and look your show witch my eyez.kisses fron me and sweden.

  2. i hope i can come somday but its very cost i dont have monny.i love you and your good danc . you are so funny.

  3. Hey, Ellen my name is Amie K jallow. I’m from west Africa. Since i came to America I’ve been watching your TV show every time. you are such a funny and sweet woman I’ve ever seen. Ellen you are my favorite. i love you so much. someday i would like to meet you in person. i have 5 kids and a granddaughter. i hope you read this letter because I’m your biggest fan.

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  5. Hi Ellen, i just want to tell you how beautiful are your shows and how happy you make me allways i see you on tv. I wish you all the best and i hope one day to visit you. Kisses.
    Kind regards,
    Elena Caceres.

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