Cool Hand Squirrel

Paul Newman and the Squirrel Queen share hardboiled eggs

I spent part of the afternoon mesmerized by the movie “Cool Hand Luke“. Rock solid stuff with some of the best lines and scenes Hollywood could create. From the egg eating bet to the ditch digging scene to George Kennedy pummeling Paul Newman to the dead bloodhound the visuals are captivating. I know that everyone loves the “failure to communicate” line uttered by Strother Martin, but I’m sticking with a line that Paul throws out. “Yeah, well, sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand.” You can hear him say it via a link here. He puts that tenet out there after winning a hand of poker all thanks to a bluff. With the Texas Hold Em boom of recent years I’m surprised this hasn’t gotten more play lately. 

It’s actually an idea that I’ve posited for many years, but lots of people who I’ve handed this advice to haven’t either grasped it or utilized it. I usually phrase it like this. “Sometimes nothing is better than something.”


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