Possibly the ugliest teen of the 70s

Flashing back to somebody from earlier in the show that I meant to touch on – Jackie Earle Haley.

I was curious what he’d been up to since I last saw him take his cuts in the batter’s box with Walter Matthau and Jody Foster as costars. I checked him out on imdb.com 

In between The Bad News Bears and his Oscar nominated turn in Little Children, Jackie  kept himself fed, if not busy, with work on such TV stalwarts as MacGyver, Love Boat and Murder She Wrote during the 1980s.

The 1990s were a bit sparse … an exception was a role in Maniac Cop 3.

Who knew.


2 responses to “Possibly the ugliest teen of the 70s

  1. I am SO glad you posted this, ‘cos I paid NO attention to the Oscars this year, didn’t know he was nominated (or had risen from dropping of the face of the earth, even), and wouldn’t have known a thing if I hadn’t seen him listed as nominee on someone else’s blog and I was like WTF?! Jackie Earle Haley?!

    So I was about to go Google to see what’s what but you saved me that. I am just so shocked to see his name. I remember ALL too well the couple of years in the ’70s when he was regularly featured in Tiger Beat and 16 Magazine, et al. I never crushed on him myself but he was just always there then. Wild!

  2. It was good to see him after all these years. He was on the View a few weeks back and is quite an interesting, down to earth guy who seemed to be extremely grateful to be there. I hope we see him more.

    Makes you wonder what other teen idol/Love Boat types could be capable of, if given the chance. Just think of Cher…

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