51 weeks later

I gave up Diet Coke one year ago On Fat Tuesday for LEnt.

51 weeks ago on Fat Tuesday of Mardi Gras I gave up the addictive, syrupy brown fizzing nectar more commonly known as Diet Coke for Lent. I’m not Catholic or even overly religious; just thought I’d give it a whirl.

Haven’t had one since. I’d read all the not so encouraging reports about the ills of fake sweeteners, how you could lose weight by no longer drinking the stuff, etc. I’ll admit I was no casual user of the fluid. I drank it at about the same rate most people breathe oxygen.

I did it on a whim, but have stuck with it.

I haven’t lost any pounds, but that may be because I’ve substituted carb heavy beer as its main replacement and still exercise at the same fever pitch a sloth uses to lower its eyelids before a hearty nap.

To quote Homer Simpson, “Mmmmmm beer.”

I haven’t picked anything to sacrifice yet for this year’s Lent. Maybe I’ll give up Skittles. Should be a breeze since I never eat them.

Besides, they really don’t go so well with beer.

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