Gator wrestling

Vandy upset the No. 1 ranked Gators

Gnashvegas may have superceded Las Vegas yesterday. In Sin City, the NBA was hosting its ho-hum Slam Dunk competition, part of its All-Star weekend.

However, the basketball world got rocked a bit yesterday when on the college hardwood, Vandy upended the No. 1 Florida Gators.

The ‘Dores and their adoring fans may still be celebrating. Congrats to you all.


4 responses to “Gator wrestling

  1. Yes!!! Thirteen-point shellacking to once again halt the Gators’ record-setting win streak at 17. Let’s hope they can now start on a losing streak to put the Celtics to shame. Well….don’t think that’s really possible, but anyway….

  2. I saw this today and thought it was so you:

    A.C.O.R.N. group   --------------
  3. Oh my god.

    Them are some squirrels.

  4. That’s what you get when you slather a vintage camera with salmonella tainted peanut butter.
    2111 leaves squirrels dialing 911.

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