Lunar love triangle

Last week it was an invasion of Boston by the Mooninites; this week it’s a lunar love triangle. NASA publicists must be spinning so fast their heads will pop off at any moment.

So you’re in love with an astronaut. Better keep a check over your shoulder to make sure his psycho wanna-be girlfriend isn’t sneaking up on you.

There are a few sure-fire signs to watch out for. If you see a woman approaching you wearing both a diaper and a wig, it is smart to hustle up and get in your car. It is not smart to roll your window down to talk to this crazy-eyed stranger because she’s toting pepper spray and is willing to use it.

Does anyone else think the crazy astronaut Lisa Nowak’s mugshot looks like Katie Couric before the CBS makeup artists get ahold of her?Katie Couric Lisa Nowak


6 responses to “Lunar love triangle

  1. God, I kind of hope the victim didn’t really understand that Nowak was wearing a diaper when she approached her. ‘Cos… ewwww.

    The squirrel in space pic is no doubt the funniest thing I will have seen this week. My god, the Ohio Players wig…

  2. Geez, did you see Katie about an hour before the Super Bowl? The Miami humidity was not kind to her hair.

    Either that or they pulled her out of the makeup chair halfway through the caulk and spackling process…

  3. I love that Katie is mostly grayheaded. I know this cause I was watching her True Hollywood Story and in one of the clips of her, you could see her gray roots! YAY! That’s the reason brunettes like her and me go lighter.

  4. OH MY LUNAR GOD, your entire last few entries had me laughing til I sounded like mutley the cartoon dog and crying b/c I was laughing so hard… I love your blog so much!!!
    And of course you too, you are tha fizzel shizzel bizzel oh my dizzel iffen you know what I mean baby girl. Oh you make me laugh, you are so smartly funny!

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