Pulling for Peyton

Peyton audibles to Squirrel Queen

I’ll admit I’m pulling for Peyton to lead his Colts to the promised land.

If I have to hear the words “Peyton” and “monkey off his back” too many more times I might hock up a half-digested acorn. They said the same thing about Elway being unable to win the big game for the first 36 years of his NFL career until he finally, finally got the W. Even if Manning doesn’t make the most of this trip to Miami, it’s not like he’s on the last legs of his stint in the league, barring a career-ending injury.

I’m not necessarily rooting against Da Bears. If they were playing the Broncos or Patriots or Steelers, I’d be right there in their corner of the locker room. Heck, somewhere in my archives of lifetime crap, I’ve got an autographed poster of Jim McMahan. He made an appearance in Daytona Beach during Spring Break after his Super Bowl Shuffle and did an appearance for Adidas. I snagged his John Hancock, it’s about the only signature I’ve ever asked for.

But enough reminiscing, I’m a Vols fan and a Gator hater (unless, of course, they’re spanking some Buckeye butt, woo hoo). So with Rex “I’m already making my plans for New Year’s Eve 2007” Grossman, a Florida alumni, helming the Chicago squad, I’ll be cheering for the Colts.

Instead of the Gipper, let’s win it for Archie. Because I sure don’t think Eli is going to get it done and I’m certainly not going to root for the Giants, no matter who they’re playing any time any where.


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