From B to W

The queen has arrived. All Hail the Queen …

Squirrel Queen, that is. Squirrel Queen

Instead of from A to Z, I have moved my blog from B (Blogger) to W (WordPress) this weekend.

Maybe I’m the Lemming Queen now, following the mass exodus over the cliff and into the WordPress pool.

Newscoma and Lynnster pushed/helped me in a big way, so muchas gracias to those two.

I’m settling into my new nest. Look for more bells and whistles I’ll be adding in the coming days as I learn to navigate this swell site.


6 responses to “From B to W

  1. I just like seeing you, no matter whether it’s blogger or word press!

  2. Yay! Glad you are here (and I LOVE that header, hehe…)

  3. I guess that makes it official. The folks at Blogger have definitely put a hit out on Lynnster.

  4. I’m obviously a follower, not a leader in this movement.
    If Lynnster needs some protection, we’ll have to call in some extra muscle. I’m thinking Rex L. Camino might know the sort of folks we would need to rely on.

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