Elvis is everywhere Snap 8 Jan.8, 2007

In honor of the King’s birthday today, I’ve opted to share a little peak into my office.
It’s my Day 8 addition to Project 365, a picture a day.
On my mini magnetic bulletin board, I’ve got two homages to the Hound Dog himself.
First a magnet of Big Elvis I purchased after seeing this huge impersonator perform in Vegas. The Chunk of Burning Love can sing (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, baby) and he does sound like Elvis. He might actually have looked like Elvis if the dude from Tupelo had lived another 15 years or so with each and every day including 4 to 6 heaping helpings of fried food.
Also on the board is a postcard with Red Grooms’ depiction of the swivel-hipped one. It was a promotional mailing for a Grooms exhibit in Memphis last summer.
Unfortunately, my temporary tattoo of El Vez that I bought after his concert in Memphis about 8 years ago was on my fridge and not at work.
I don’t actually own any real Elvis stuff, but the junk surrounding him is pretty fun.
Happy Birthday to the King.


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