Fallen Frankenstein Snap Day 7 Jan. 7, 2007

I had several options for my addition to my Project 365 group. There were raindrops and puddles and pictures of my niece, but then as we waded in a neighbor’s flowing ditch, I came across my contribution, a fallen Frankenstein fingerpuppet abandoned on the side of the street. Just two months after wiggling on a delighted child’s digits, Frankie was now relegated to roadside trash status. After documenting its residency in the roadside gravel and grass, niece and I decided to see if Frankie would float. Alas, the green guy didn’t (but, then, neither do witches, eh), but the flow of the water did send him into a hole underneath the culvert out of reach. It was reminiscent of the raft going over the waterfall in the opening credits of “Land of the Lost.”

Here are some of the other snaps from the day that I thought worthy of sharing.These are my and my niece’s red rain boots. I got a pair in the fall and she was so enamored with them that we bought her a pair for Christmas. I believe this is their first trip out into the wet.

This is a giant oak reflected in a puddle in the yard. The puddle was created when rainwater collected in a hole that resulted when another giant oak in our yard had to be cut down. The giant stump made a thump and a trench when it fell.

Here’s a raindrop clinging to the branch and a seed pod on a bush in the yard. The blue in the background and in the raindrop is a refleciton of a lawn chair.


2 responses to “Fallen Frankenstein Snap Day 7 Jan. 7, 2007

  1. I’m enjoying your project and your pictures.
    I loved Land of the Lost – took me back to the lost days of good ole saturday programing.
    I believe right after or before Land of the lost was Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.. I loved that show. Remember that little Kung Foo Dog w/ the cat who really did all the work? Others?

  2. I believe you’re speaking of Hong Kong Phooey (not exactly sure on the spelling of Phooey, Fooey, Fuey?)
    I love cartoons. I was addicted to that junk on Saturday morning, but even then I realized what a load of crap Land of the Lost was. But still I tuned in, religiously.

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