Happy Anniversary Baby

Today is my first blogging anniversary and the Squirrel Queen wants to take this time to say thanks to all the great people who’ve paid a visit to this little knot hole in cyber space.
I spent New Year’s Day a year ago setting up this blog, picking out templates, creating my global squirrel moniker and writing my first post.
This blog has brought me many gifts – an outlet to rant and rave, a chance to work on my mad photoshop skeelz and lots of new friends and through those fellow bloggers new experiences.
I’ve been neglectful of this little outpost in recent months, but I’m planning on more diligence and activity here.
As expressed in my last post yesterday, 2006 took me for a ride in many different directions, literally to some grand mountain tops (thanks Smiley) and to some not so great valleys. From mortality to computer freakouts to the Mother Ship, it’s all just fodder for future flashbacks and I’m no different than any other living, breathing squirrel on this big, blue marble.
I still don’t have photoshop on this PC yet, so I’m stuck with linking to images, blah. Hopefully, I’m taking care of that problem this week, so soon it will be more squirrels in more extravagant settings and situations. (Fingers crossed).
So during this autobiographical pause, I’d like to say thanks to all you carpal-tunnel suffering surfers who’ve popped into this site and from there into my life. You’ve made an impact and made changes for the better.
Thanks so much.


3 responses to “Happy Anniversary Baby

  1. I am thrilled to see you blogging again! Happy Blogaversary! 🙂

  2. I’m glad your back.
    So very much.

  3. I have no doubt that this will be a much better year for you.–>

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