Swami Serena says …

Leo – On Saturday, the answer is spelled out for you in your AlphaBits. Look to the cereal. For luck Monday, avoid left-handed people. Wednesday will take a turn for the better if you keep a mitten tucked in the toe of your shoe.

Virgo - The stars shine down upon a new venture involving Styrofoam on
Saturday. Monday means more hard labor. Don¹t forget to bring your
pickax with you. A neighbor is in need on Wednesday. Cross the line and offer
a helping hand.
Libra - The scales tip in your favor on Sunday. Enjoy being on the high
side while it lasts. For luck on Monday, take a new path on a familiar trip.
Wednesday a phone call creates questions.
Scorpio - An angry fast food worker must be avoided
on Sunday. Tuesday¹s main topic will be television. Wear your bunny ears
or you¹ll be in Jeapordy.On Thursday, a whiff of corruption surrounds a coworker¹s
conversation. The nose knows.
Sagittarius - Feel free to express yourself on Saturday. The right people
will be listening. Monday, your lucky number is equal to 58 times the number
of people who say to you, ³Have a nice day.² Wednesday a loved one
explodes. Be ready to help clean up the fallout.
Capricorn - The Goat will be in serious need of a hug on Satursday. A
phone call between 12:19 p.m. and 1:13 p.m. brings good news on Monday. It¹s
not a milk mustache, but the solution you¹ve been looking for is right under
your nose on Tuesday.
Aquarius - Spread your wings on Saturday. Take flight and soar. You¹ll
find a gold star by your name on Monday. Good job. Wednesday, a household
issue erupts. Be ready to wield your plunger like a jousting knight uses his
Pisces - Spend time in the great outdoors Sunday. Get back down to
earth. Monday will sail by thanks to help from coworkers. Give them a pat on
the back. Wednesday, an encounter with an angry Yeti could lead to
injuries. Keep the Bactine handy.
Aries - Don¹t fake it on Saturday. Let your true emotions be known.
Sunday a romantic notion should be encouraged. Fling aside prejudice on Wednesday.
Get to know that person and you¹ll learn more about yourself.
Taurus - Your lucky number on Saturday is equal to the number of magnetic
ribbons you spy divided by 4,370. Sunday, you hear the siren song of
the cool waters. Heed the call. Don¹t be blinded by the bling on Tuesday.
Look beneath the shiny surface.
Gemini - Saturday avoid a cat fight. Catnip can soothe the beasts.
Monday, build a moat around your desk area and defend your station from angry
invading mobs. Wednesday, the planets align to help you set sail on an
internal journey. Rediscover you.
Cancer - For luck on Sunday, answer your phone on the eighth ring.
Monday will be safe for neither man nor beast. Wednesday, in a hectic day,
take a moment for yourself.

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