Inappropriate/Appropriate Bush/Merkel

Inappropriate vs. Appropriate.
After munching and mumbling on muffins slack-jawed while dropping “meadow muffins” into his candid conversations, the “Great W” has now made another faux pas.
Bush’s “European Vacation” continues to provide Letterman, The Daily Show and Colbert enough fodder for a year of late night laughs.
In a G-8 meeting, he gave German Chancellor Angela Merkel an uninvited neck rub.
What a total disrespect for her. Yes, they may be friends (they did share a roast pig lately), but in a room full of powerful men, did his act undermine her authority in the eyes of others on hand?
For me there is a great issue here. Would he give a neck rub to buddy Tony Blair or Putin or any other world leader in a crowded room. Doubtful. To me this shows his disregard for public decorum. It was a mysoginist act. At least he didn’t ask her to bring her muffin recipe to the next meeting. Wait, let me rephrase that, “hopefully” he didn’t ask for her muffin recipe.
As a woman who works in a male-dominated field, I certainly see how W’s actions could have future ramifications. In front of leaders of nation’s where women are already subjugated and dismissed, such an act could rip apart what credibility Merkel has worked hard to build.
It is acts such as these that make me wonder anew at his social ineptitude.


3 responses to “Inappropriate/Appropriate Bush/Merkel

  1. I’m afraid Putin might have enjoyed it a bit too much had he been the object of W’s affection. W could have been been the recipient of a lovely raspberry on his tummy.

  2. not sure you’re gonna likeit, but rory has exposed the truth ’bout the shoulder rub

    the true context of the should rub!!!

  3. Even when Clinton did it, the women seemed to like it.. was that wrong, that I said that?? was that bad? I’m a bad person anyways.
    But..I just look to Bill clinton and or Jimmy Carter for foreign diplomancy.. and if you can’t bone em at least be cordial,, sweet jesus…. What a shame that Rory had a bad link, dang.. try and fix that…was so looking forward to that..

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