Hot Rod Hoakum

Having watched an hour of killer ants (the real ones, not the ones that terrorized Joan Collins) on the Discovery Channel, the Squirrel Queen moved on to greater fare.
I’m now spending a couple of hours with some hot rod hooligans and the family they torment in “Hot Rods to Hell”.
Classic stuff, this. Teens in button down shirts and dresses with patterns worthy of Laugh In-era Ruth Buzzi (and these are supposed to be the rough and rowdy kids) terrorizing a nuclear unit on the road.
Is it possible this film is what doomed Route 66, scaring travelers from “getting their kicks” on the famous highway? Me thinks not.
These taunting teens and their bodacious wheels appear to be about as threatening as a Care Bear on qualudes. The panicky mode of the family’s father has an explanation in the movie’s opening moments. He’s sort of a high-strung type, as in nervous breakdown in the breakdown lane.
Here’s another T-bird-riffic review of these caustic car-drivin’ kids and their hot rod hysteria.


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