hot dog heaven or petrified hot dog

After Newscoma posted her lovely little tale about crazy cat lady sisters dissing their deceased mom in favor of a passel of pussy cats, I found this little ditty about a pair of pranking siblings who shared an obsession with a petrified hot dog.
The closest my family comes to this odd item-swapping phenomenon is a three-inch rubber flashlight shaped like a fish (the pocket trout) that is rotated from person to person as a Christmas present from year to year.


2 responses to “hot dog heaven or petrified hot dog

  1. Well, now, let’s examine this, shall we?
    What if the hot dog was purchased at the baseball game when the Babe called his shot or when Hank broke the homerun record or even when Canseco bonked the ball over the wall with his head and it’s now a treasured family heirloom complete with its own little glass case?
    If you didn’t actually get lucky enough to snag the famous (or infamous) projectile, how about a nice ballpark frank to commemorate the day instead?
    Uhhh, yeah, I’m crazy and I think too much…..

  2. At my previous job, we had all been there so long that we just passed the old birthday card around over and over. It was pretty interesting how many signatures were on it of “the ghosts of employees past”.

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