The Squirrel Queen picked up the WKRN Channel 2 signal beaming into the NashVegas sky and flew in to the big city from all the way out in Podunkville for a meeting of blogging minds.
An amazing time.
I know I’ll forget to mention some of the folks that I met last night and will have to do muy mea culpas to make up for it.
Thanks to all who asked about my recovery from my recent gastric distress. I believe I’m fully recovered. And thanks to the Channel 2 folks for inviting me in the first place.
The list of memorable moments is long and yet I’m sure I didn’t remember something that is oh-so-worthy of being included here.

* Sista Smiff and Newscoma chatted about Country Music Hall of Fame tour guide memories.
CeeElCee and I expounded upon home brewing, road tripping and canines.
Kathy T and I palavered about wood-grained carpeting, squirrels tossing nuts, tossing our cookies, Girl Scout cookies and naming schools after Oprah Winfrey.
* Got to hear house-hunting horror stories from Daily Diablogger while Jag pitched in with her own interesting tales of visits to the homes of folks trying to unload an abode that involved poo and porn.
* Rex L. Camino was a cool retro breeze through the Nashville air. I’m sure he thought our recounts of local West Tennessee alien abductions and gigantic produce seemed farcical, but they were all true. True I tell you.
* Huck and Rex were the first bloggers we met. Huck kept everyone on an even keel while staying above the fray. Interjecting as needed to keep things rolling.
* Stephen King was just one of the topics Kat and I made yakkety yak about.
* TV on the Fritz was a delight and even offered an invite to a friend’s gig after the blogger blab. Thanks for the extended hand. Next time we might take you up on it.
* I do regret not getting to talk about Bull Terriers with Aunt B. Maybe next time we can discuss the hard-headed hounds.
* Newscoma doing a Ringling Brothers worthy flip of a hops and barley beverage bottle off the bar and making a splash without drowning those encircling her in order to hear her magical motivational brilliance (did I lay it on too thick there, nah) during a discussion of drive-by Waylon Jenning spottings and the Dempseys.

It was quite a night and quite a display of overall brilliance by those in attendance.
Again, thanks for the invitation and the hospitality from everyone.
I’ll keep my squirrel eyes focused on the sky in order to pick up the next Channel 2 signal sent into the ether.


5 responses to “115229892644108191

  1. Now that I have broke free of the corporate shackles, I can say, “Pleased to meet you”.

  2. Dang! You are so talented with your photo graphics! Want to make a logo for my bidness? It could have a squirrel in it… maybe peeking around a house or something. Or a house made of nuts?

    It was SO MUCH FUN meeting you! Glad you made it to the Wolf-Den.

  3. I think the coachroaches was pretty funny.

  4. Anytime I’m at a party and I hear recountings of alien abductions and abnormally large produce I immediately gravitate to that side of the room. Couple that with all the music discussions I could’ve talked to you guys for hours.

  5. Ha! I’d forgotten I told you guys about the poop and porn. I think I was blacked out for most of it.

    You’ve got some mad photoshop skills, lady.

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