“King of Enron” Conspiracy Theory or the Halliburton Witness Protection Program

Being a fan of conspiracy theories at heart, the Squirrel Queen looks upon the sudden passing of “Enron King” Ken Lay shortly before he was to be sentenced for his multi-million $$$$ crimes with a skeptical eye.
Sure he’s been convicted of fraud and conspiracy, but this man has old-moneyed friends in high places.
I’m guessing they’re pulling off some kind of Elvis “The King” Presley type of fake death so he can take on a new life in the Halliburton Witness Protection Program (HWPP).
While the “living” Elvis has been spotted in diners and truck stops from Kansas to Michigan, the new Lay persona will attend Halliburton board meetings and spend relaxing weekends at Camp David tossing around a baseball with Dumbya. Heck, they may even trek down to Houston to the formerly-named Enron Field to catch an Astros game. While they’re in Texas, they might head over to Dallas and take a drive around Dealey Plaza, site of another conspiracy.
Back in Washington, the former Enron King will be whispering in the ear of Darth Cheney, offering business advice on how to handle his volumes of Halliburton stock. He’ll be putting pen to paper and writing no-bid contracts for the huge greedy corporation which the Pentagon will quickly sign and then black out in the next gakamazillion dollar budget they release.
So if anyone spots a new face hanging around the halls of the White House, let me know. Break out a camera phone and capture the newest member in the HWPP and create a successor to the Zapruder film.


One response to ““King of Enron” Conspiracy Theory or the Halliburton Witness Protection Program

  1. Again, YOU RULE as the Queen,, and I think you are absolutely RIGHT!

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