Barf bag a gogo

It appears anything and everything is now considered collectible no matter how little its actual value. Working on my previous post allowed me to discover a web site devoted solely to a collection of barg bags. The bags in my previous post’s image are two sides of one bag from Yeti Airways.
I’m not making that up. The company’s logo includes a big footprint inside a circle while the vomiting woman is on the opposite side of the bag.

A bag worthy of containing recycled jalapenos if I’ve ever seen one.
If you visit the link, check out the movie promotional bags and the political protest bags. Also, in the airline section, scroll down to Virgin Airlines Chunky style bags. They’ve got artsy and funky cartoons like the one at left on them to take your mind off your misery while your filling them up.
Always remember to Fly the Friendly Yeti Skies. The airline that should always offers complimentary copies of the Weekly World News to its passengers.
Apparently before the Yeti got his pilot’s license and his wings, the big hairy fellow was tearing around a race track in New York behind the wheel of a stock car according to WWN.
Vroom, vroom.


One response to “Barf bag a gogo

  1. I would imagine like any good Barbie collection, if they are opened and used the value goes down.

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