Porcupine 1, Dog 0

Ran across this pic on the Internet while surfing for something else. It’s not some “alien” from another crappy SciFi flick. It’s a dog who lost a run-in with a porcupine.

Apparently this canine pin cushion pic has circulated some via e-mail since it happened, but it never made its way into my in-box.

Thought I’d share it with those of you who’ve not seen it before.

I used to have a white Staffordshire Bull Terrier like this one. She, if in the right or wrong mood depending on how you look at it, would have tangled with a herd of porcupines. Best dog I ever had.

The pain must have been excruciating. I know from experience these dogs can be “hard headed,” but apparently not enough to deter a quill. Makes me wonder if the porcupine is now naked.


7 responses to “Porcupine 1, Dog 0

  1. Argh! No! This picture breaks my heart. It’s exactly the kind of trouble Mrs. Wigglebottom would get into.

    Those bulldogs. They’re tenacious, but not always the brightest.–>

  2. This is proof dogs are the dumbest mammals on the planet. You never have to worry about a pet cat being this fucking stupid.

  3. Dogs are alot clever than cats actually…they dont get stuck up trees either.

  4. Cats don’t get stuck up trees. If people would just leave them alone, they’d come down all by themselves.

    Man, I feel sorry for that dog. I wonder if he will ever tangle with another porcupine?


  5. omg it breaks my heart to see that 😦
    im seriously crying right now i swear
    that dog must of been in a lot of pain

  6. dog luva cat hater

    dogs r pets which u can trust but cats can backstab u even if u r their owner its true

  7. hay im a porcupine


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