Squirrel Queen didn’t push Keith

It’s ok everyone. He’ll be fine.

Keith Richards fell out of a palm tree in Fiji, landed on his head and was airlifted to New Zealand for precautionary measures.

I just want it known that the Squirrel Queen did not push him out of the tree.

I’m guessing the good news is he landed on his head.
The rock and roll legend has survived countless drug and drinking binges only to injure himself in a fall on the sand.

I’m imagining his coconut landing with a resounding thump reminiscent of the sound one gets when you drop a watermelon on pavement.


One response to “Squirrel Queen didn’t push Keith

  1. Your graphics are the best around! Thump thump went his head. I imagine you are right that he could take it. Would be a shame if a coconut tree would take him out after all these years. It should be something dynamic for sure.

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