Skeeters n skwirrls

I don’t care what the calendar says, it must be summer now.
It’s official.
I’ve been bitten by a mosquito already.
I thought I might have a reprieve for another couple of weeks, but no.
Sitting in the dank fog at the ball park Thursday night covering a game, I felt a sudden twinge on my ankle.
Looking down, there it was. The evil blood sucker was partaking of my crimson nectar.
Yay, though, I triumphed and smote the infidel insect, leaving that disgusting black and red smear so familiar to anyone who spends an evening outdoors in the summer.
For the moment, oh so brief, I triumphed over nature.
Those times are so few.


3 responses to “Skeeters n skwirrls

  1. In times of philosophical conversations,,in the chain of life,, what purpose does that little fucktard have?? I hate them w/ a vengance!! Esp the ones w/ tiger strips! This week I thought I might just have to build a boat and gather two of everything, and I would have left those out fer sure!
    They make my garden summer days very unenjoyable.

  2. I’m hating the skeeters too. They just tend to piss me off.

  3. Spring? Spring??? What’s that?
    You know we never have spring here. The weather just toys with us after winter and then just skips right on to summer…with the dog days coming earlier than ever each year.
    Just be thankful you aren’t polka-dotted with mosquito bites like I already am.

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