Evil Annie Coulter bites again

Oooh, she’s so clever. At least in her own head.
The self-imposed “sex symbol” of the Conservative movement will unleash another batch of her scribblings in early June. At least that’s what Drudge is dribbling about.
Ho hum. Until then, I guess we’ll just have to wonder whether it’s “Fair and Balanced.”
Considering the title will be “The Church of Liberalism – Godless” I’m guessing she’s on another oh-so not enlightening rant about what she believes that I believe.
The scrawny scribe has unsheathed her poison pen once again.
The worst news is this – it means she’ll have another excuse to make the talk show rounds and spew her own hatred.
Almost as scary as her rhetoric is that clavicle which looks like it could slice through sheet metal and a sternum that put fear into my heart. Take it from me, that’s not so sexy.


2 responses to “Evil Annie Coulter bites again

  1. Your squirrel face really is an improvement, makes her even more ‘womanly’. doesn’t cover that adam’s apple. Can we find the dr who did the sex change operation from Rush’s brother?
    Wouldn’t you like to sneak in and chew off her golden locks squirrely?
    She really does freak me out, not only her purely smacked out crap cave man logic, but she just looks like a freak of nature!

  2. I’m squinting really hard (so my eyes don’t burn when I look at her). I’m taking my forefinger and thumb, and pinching at her tiny little head. Pinch. Pinch. Pinch. Dang. I keep missing Ann’s head. Probably because it keeps spinning around while she’s levitating.

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