Daily Archives: April 3, 2006

Squirrel with baseball fever

It’s finally here.
I don’t count that lone Sunday night game on ESPN as the season opener. Nope, give me a day full of action on Monday. Game after game. That’s opening day.
Opening Day should be a national holiday. Kids should automatically be let out of school. Or at least radio broadcasts of games should be sent out over the school intercom so all the kiddies can be enthralled and learn to appreciate the best game in the world.
I love me some baseball.
I’m a diamond kind of squirrel.

I listened in to most of the Cardinals’ thrashing of the Phillies before I had to go cover a local high school game.
After seven innings of high school ball, I listened to a few at-bats of the Braves/Dodgers game on the way home. It was back to the hacienda to catch more MLB on TV. Mm hmm, can’t get enough of that nine-inning stuff. I scanned the box scores on the Internet to see how my fantasy dudes did today. Fair to middling.
All in all, my kind of day.