Fear Carl Spackler

It’s a Rodent-a-palooza this vacation week. Tuesday, I spotted a squirrel trying to upstage Dumbya during his Oval Office press conference. The critter was scampering up and down a tree, visible through the window behind Chimpy.
Then yesterday, I checked out several new T-shirts sporting the bushy-tailed beast available in retail establishments. It seems 100 percent cotton tees with witty slogans and imagery depicting tree-residing animals and their tasty, oak-originating treats are all the fashion rage.
Now today, I get to watch a gopher, (cousin to the beloved squirrel) give Bill Murray fits and seizures in an airing of Caddyshack.
Ah, the synergy of my week-long sabbatical is inspiring.
“Be the ball”


One response to “Fear Carl Spackler

  1. It’s not suprise that a squirrel is much brighter than dubya is it? it was bound to happen one day. Hell a piece of my dog’s crap could run the country better.. ‘jes saying… but a squirrel much better of course..

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