Squirrel behind a Bush

My legion are always on guard to protect our best national interests. Diligent. Ever watchful. Where they are least expected. Like Tom Joad in “The Grapes of Wrath”, where injustice is done, they’ll be there.
Yeterday morning I happened to catch the Chimpy McBush press conference in the Oval Office in which he waved bye-bye to Chief of Staff Andy Card.
To my surprise, what did I espy in the window behind Shrub as he yammered on about the man who interrupted his reading of My Pet Goat?
Scaling a tree in order to monitor the mumblings and rumblings of Dumbya was a squirrel.
I’ve scoured the Internet in search of an image from the press conference displaying my legion in action, but apparently the stealthy patriot avoided all the still cameras in the press pool.
So, if you come across such an image of the bumbler being watched by one of my tree climbers, send it to the Squirrel Queeen.


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